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Oscillate Ltd

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Thermal Insulation and Cladding Contractors (Lagging Installers)

Oscillate Ltd fabricates and installs all types of industrial and commercial insulation from loft insulation and small plant room / heating insulation repair projects to major industrial insulation contracts.

High quality but low cost insulation will save your fuel and energy costs whilst reducing your carbon emissions.

Quality Insulation (Lagging)



Call us for a prompt response to all your insulation and lagging requirements, however large or small.

Our insulation services include:


  • Loft insulation using a variety of insulation materials

  • Steam, condensate, cooling water, chemical services, all pipework services, all sizes

  • Boiler insulation and heating systems

  • Tank and process vessel insulation and cladding (inc GRP cladding)

  • Heating and ducting insulation/cladding - all AHU lagging services

  • Marine insulation of engine exhausts including turbos and uptakes

  • Marine insulation of generator exhausts including bulkheads (MCA specification)

  • Refrigeration plant and pipework (Glycol) insulation (including cryogenics)

  • Zone 1 Process insulation, pipework insulation and tank insulation

  • Clean room and food preparation insulation (stainless etc)

  • Foamglass (cellular glass) insulation for special applications and wide temperature ranges

  • Plant room and ductwork insulation - for schools, colleges, hospitals etc - lagging repair services

  • Made to measure removable insulation jackets for valves, flanges and all plant items

  • High temperature insulation using ceramic materials and HT cloths (1000c)

  • Sheet metal cladding of all insulation using a variety of metals, Plastisol (all colours), Aluzinc, aluminium, stainless steel etc, from our own workshop

  • Thermal surveys of 'hot spots' for all types of sites - reducing your carbon emissions

  • Repairs to damaged or inferior insulation

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Email: keith.milliner@Oscillate-ltd.co.uk

 Tel:- 0208 309 9549